St. Andrew's Lodge No. 83, Basle

Consecrated 29th November 2008, on the Roll of the Grand Lodge ALPINA of Switzerland



The Masonic Lodge St Andrew’s was consecrated on 29th November 2008 in Basle and is the 83rd Lodge on the Roll of the Grand Lodge ALPINA of Switzerland.


We differentiate ourselves from the other Swiss Lodges in that we work a Scottish Ritual in the English language. The name we chose was that of the Andrew the Apostle, the Patron Saint of Scotland. He was known as the ‘Protocletus’ or the First-called, and he was the elder brother of Simon Peter, (Saint Peter).


We not only charge our Brethren to exploit their intellectual and characteristic potentialities


But also to continuously make a daily advancement in masonic knowledge, so that we can cultivate the spectre of tolerance towards our fellow men. Our aim is to motivate our members to promulgate their intellectual abilities by means of dialogue, charity and benevolence, so as to promote the masonic ideals of brotherly love, relief and truth.


As to date, our Lodge has a membership of 55 brethren of multicultural origins and 26 different nationalities