Visitors should contact our Secretary Wor. Borther James T. Miller at:
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1st Degree, Officer's Step-up Meeting

31st Octoboer - 15:30  

Esoteric, Wor. Masters only

27th November - 19:30  

Installation Meeting

28th November - 15:00

        Lighting of Christmass Tree

5th December

3rd Degree

30th January

Zoom Lodge of Instruction (optional)

11th February

Initiation (Double)

 27th February

Zoom Lodge of Instruction (optional)

 8th March 

Initiation (Double)

        27th March
Zoom Lodge of Instruction (optional) 12th April 
Initiation        24th April
        G.L Convention        29th May
        Step up Lodge of Instruction meeting        26th June 
        Social Get together (Brethren only)        30th July
        1st Degree        28th August
        Business Meeting + 1st Degree        25th September
        2nd Degree        23rd October
        S.G.L.A. Convention, Bern        30th October
        Esoteric Installation, Wor. Brethren only        26th November
        Installation Meeting        27th November
Lightening of the Christmas Tree (Santa Lucia) 11th December



 Note: This programme could be subject to changes